Video: Honda HSV-010 Sounds Even Better Than the Lexus LFA

Video: Honda HSV-010 Sounds Even Better Than the Lexus LFA

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We’re still in awe over the HSV-010 and now there’s even more testosterone pumping video of Honda’s new race car on track at Suzuka. Reportedly powered by a tiny 3.4-liter V8 engine, we can only assume it revs to typically Honda heights to achieve all 500-hp. It certainly sounds like a screamer and we’d argue has an even more Formula One-inspired sound than the Lexus LFA. After all, Honda is known for its engines.

Little else is known about the car other than it will be a race only model and will run in Japan’s Super GT series, with the first race of the season on May 20-21.

We can only hope Honda will bring a street version of this car to market.

GALLERY: Honda HSV-010


See after the jump for more video of Honda’s HSV-010 on track:

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  • kumonga

    I don’t think it’s that hard to make a more exciting car than Toyota/Lexus.

  • Aceman

    You’re a nonsense talker, a thoughtless gibberish talking baffoon. Yeah u the idiot above.

  • Draco

    Lol Fail autoguide. Fai lFail
    This car have FORMULA NIPPON ENGINE, not road car egine.
    LFA With F1 engien soudn even better.

  • Alex

    Well, Draco, that certainly is true about the Formula Nippon engine. You need to talk apples to apples, though. F1 engine >>> Formula Nippon engine. A HSV-010 with the Honda V10 990+ hp from 2005 would be far greater than any Toyota V10 (F1 or not) motor in terms of performance and sound. And a Toyota with the Formula Nippon engine would sound… exactly the same. Besides that fact, HSV-010’s original v10 already sounded far more pure, more visceral, and less artificial than the yamaha developed, sound engineered exhaust powerplant in the LFA

  • YinGian

    Well, it definitely sounds like a screamer…but a 3.4L pushing 500hp will probably have a stroke 1/4 compared to the bore of the engine and rev beyond 12krpm to achieve that power (1/2 joke). In essence, a Formula One engine that doubtfully will find never itself in a street version of the car.

  • Colum Wood

    You’re right. It’s most likely the exact same engine Honda developed for its ALMS Acura race cars.

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