Breaking: Saab Sale to Spyker Imminent

Breaking: Saab Sale to Spyker Imminent

Spyker Cars is expected to announced later today that a deal has been reached to purchase Swedish automaker Saab from General Motors. According to Automotive News, a person close to the ongoing talks between GM and Dutch exotic car maker Spyker has leaked the information.

Recently investment company Genii Capital, backed by Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone backed out of the bidding leaving Spyker as the only interested party.

According to one Swedish TV report, Spyker CEO Victor Muller has said an announcement will be made today and just a few hours ago the Netherlands’ securities agency suspended trading for Spyker shares – a sign that an announcement will be made shortly.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • Carlos R.

    It was a bad idea for Saab Ab to sell 51% of the company to General motors in the first place.GM acquired all of Saab’s stakes around the year 2000,shortly after they began to apply some of GM’s parts and drive trains and that’s when the downfall began…It was a merger that should have not happened even though Saab posted profits in the early years after the merger, it was to be shortlived. Congrats to the Spyker auto group for the acquisition and wish them a successful turn around of the the Saab auto division.It would have been very sad to see all of it’s 50 plus year history go into the dump thanks to a decade of mishandling by the GM group…Hence why I will never buy an auto with the GM badge. VIVA Saab & Spyker!!!

  • saab aficionado

    OK spyker back to the drawing board. Scrap that GM monstrosity asap and build: FUN FAST TURBO HATCHBACKS