Chrysler Launches PT Cruiser Couture Edition in an Affront to High Fashion

Chrysler Launches PT Cruiser Couture Edition in an Affront to High Fashion

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Easily one of the the most unanimously despised vehicles by automotive journalists throughout the country, Chrysler recently decided to keep the PT Cruiser as a part of its lineup after axing it just a few months before. Now the automaker doesn’t even have the decency to let it quietly fade into obscurity, but has decided to launch the Couture Edition – apparently in an affront to high-fashion throughout the world.

The 2010 PT Cruiser Couture Edition gets a two-tone silver and black paint scheme, divided by a red pinstripe. Additional exterior highlights include chrome side moldings, door handles and grille inserts, as well as 16-inch wheels. Inside it’s hard to miss the Radar Red leather seats.

The Couture Edition includes all features found on the Classic model and is priced from $19,995.

The Couture Edition is the 16th special version of the PT, a list that includes such models as the PT Turbo, Flames, Woodie, W.P. Chrysler Signature Series, PT Cruiser Classic, PT Street Cruiser Route 66, Pacific Coast Highway and Sunset Boulevard editions. We can only hope this is the last.

GALLERY: Chrysler PT Cruiser Couture Edition


Official release after the jump:

Chrysler PT Cruiser Couture Edition In commemorating a decade of the Chrysler PT “Personal Transportation” Cruiser’s timeless design, the new PT Cruiser Couture Edition exemplifies the romance of American automotive heritage, styling and versatility that made PT Cruiser an instant hit.

Starting with the 2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser Classic, the Couture Edition features new levels of craftsmanship and color. With its fenders and high belt-line painted in Bright Silver Metallic, and upper body and roofline that recalls 1930s and 1940s era hot-rod styling in Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl with accent red pinstripe, the 2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser Couture Edition delivers a bold look. To complete the exterior appearance, chromed body-side moldings, door handles, 16-inch polished aluminum wheels and grille highlight this limited edition PT’s level of detail and style.

The new Chrysler PT Cruiser Couture Edition continues to lead the small-car segment with its combination of style, craftsmanship and flexibility. Chromed detail rings highlight the gloss black instrument panel’s three gauges, rotating air vents and Chrysler signature analog clock. The Pastel Slate Gray interior is highlighted by Satin Silver instrument panel and console accents, with all-new Radar Red leather or Dark Slate Gray seats to deliver a premium look and feel.

MSRP for the 2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser Couture Edition is $19,995 (including $720 destination) and arrives at Chrysler dealerships nationwide in the first-quarter of 2010.

Chrysler continues to keep its icon fresh and exciting. The new 2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser Couture Edition marked the 16th variation since PT Cruiser’s introduction, following five Dream Cruiser Series vehicles, PT Turbo, Flames, Woodie, Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible, the refreshed 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser, W.P. Chrysler Signature Series, PT Cruiser Classic, PT Street Cruiser Route 66, Pacific Coast Highway and Sunset Boulevard editions.

  • Chris

    I am a proud owner of the Couture Ediition, and had an ’03 GT Cruiser prior to this model. These cars have proven road-worthy, reliable and fun. I decided to keep the profit in THIS country, and not send it to some foreign land for further development of the ruination of what the U.S.A. was once known for: the greatest cars ever made.

    Be it hated or otherwise, it’s a Chrysler, an icon of American automobiles, and the last of its kind. That alone should earn it some acclaim. It rides nice, it looks nice, and it will live on in my driveway and car club for some years to come. For the record, my ’03 GT Cruiser didn’t have a SINGLE recall. Put some revenue back into the U.S. economy, while we still manufacture cars in this God-forsaken nation!

  • pat smith

    As clarification Chris, the PT Couture is built in Mexico.

  • Ken

    I have owned 5 PT’s so far, a 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006 and currently a 2009. I have probably spent 130,000 miles behind the wheel of a PT. I continue to get thumbs up in looks, 22-26 MPG in efficiency and complete dependability. It is easily one of the most successful of all models introduced since 2001. Anyone who writes disparingly about the PT either does not know the vehicle well enough to be making negative comments or has some bias against Chrysler. It has been and is a great car! It is a mystery why Chrysler would abandon such a success story. Why not make it a hybrid??

  • Judith Thompson

    HOW INSULTING! I have a 2002 Taupe Touring Edition that I have enjoyed since the day I bought it. I still get compliments on it, and it has served me very well, plus it’s paid in full. If we all liked the same cars, the world would be a boring place, and it’s boring enough having to suffer through Colum Wood’s opinion.

  • Judith Thompson

    P.S. I like that Chrysler decided to keep the cruiser in its line, and I especially like the couture edition. TY

  • Judith

    I just traded in my 2001 PT (cranberry pearl coat), 100,000+ for the PT Couture. Love it. Different strokes….

  • TomJ

    Automotive journalists Like cars to change style every year to give them something to write about to justify their existance.

  • Lorna

    Hey Judith,
    I’m doing the same. My 2001 has 180,000. Going to get my Couture tomorrow. Thought I’d keep my old one as it is a black limited standard in case I didn’t like the automatic Couture. Sounds like I’ll love it too. Never a stitch of trouble.
    Gotta love your cruiser!

  • FV Anna

    Colum Wood, I love my 2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser Couture Edition. I’ve not seen another one with black seats. Since I’ve heard your opinion, now here’s mine, why don’t you take your own advice and quietly fade into obscurity! 🙁 P.S. BTW you can kiss my PT’S BUMPER!!!!

  • Esoteric

    I have a 2010 PT Cruiser Couture Edition (of which only 500 were made) that I purchased in May 2015 so that I could take it to car shows here in central Ohio. In the last 2 summers I have won 7 trophies with it and I expect that as time goes by I’ll be rolling up a lot more.