Detroit 2010: Chevy Aveo RS Concept Previews 2011 Aveo

Detroit 2010: Chevy Aveo RS Concept Previews 2011 Aveo

The Aveo RS Concept, which Chevy has just debuted at the Detroit Auto Show, is intended to give a glimpse at what the future Aveo small car will be like. If the production model is close, we’ll be impressed.

As it stands the Aveo RS is a mean-looking sub-compact with a Mitsubishi EVO-styled front fascia and a wide stance with flared fenders. To give the car a sleek look, the rear door handles are integrated into the rear pillar. In addition, out back there’s a tuner-inspired dual-port central exhaust outlet.

Inside, there’s more room thanks to the larger platform and we love the motorcycle-inspired gauge display and tachometer. There’s plenty of dark black leather, as well, with blue stitching to go with the Aveo’s Boracay Blue exterior paint.

The Aveo RS concept is powered by the same 1.4-liter turbocharged Ecotec motor as found in the new Chevy Cruze. That being said, it makes 138-hp (plenty for a sub-compact and far more than any current production sub-compact offers). GM hasn’t released fuel economy numbers, but with the Cruze capable of 40 mpg on the highway, the Aveo RS concept should be able to match that. Better still, enthusiasts will appreciate the six-speed manual transmission.

All this sounds wonderful, but this is a concept and not the real thing. Besides, a 138-hp motor is way above what the competition are offering in the sub-compact segment. When it does launch as a 2011 model it certainly wont come with the 1.4-liter turbocharged motor as standard, but we can hold out hope that an RS model will be offered.

Introduced by North American Exterior Design boss Michael Simcoe at the Detroit Auto Show, Simcoe said that the Aveo RS Concept gives an idea of what the production Aveo will be like, saying that it will be, “a bit roomier, more refined and, frankly, have a lot more attitude.”

That being said, we have high-hopes for the design of the production model.

GALLERY: Chevy Aveo RS Concept


  • Noz

    Why can’t they put a freaking hybrid system in this car and give it like 100 miles of range like the LEAF or something and leave the looks as is? Why is this so hard to do?

  • jzEllis

    because the leaf doesn’t get 100 miles between charges and by their very design hybrids are neither efficient or practical. that’s why. there are too many cars that out MPG hybrids with ease. just because, a hybrid in theory uses less fuel (it doesn’t it just shifts the burden of pollution to a power plant) does not mean that it will be able to meet the needs of the consumer in the real world.

  • jon

    Why does a hybrid shift the burden of pollution to a power plant you dip? A hybrid assists the engine making it more efficient.

  • nobama 2012

    They will never stop making the combustion engine. There is trillions of dollars still in the ground. Example: GM EV1 ???? Where dat go ???