Leaked: 2011 Mustang Priced from $22,995, GT from $30,495

Leaked: 2011 Mustang Priced from $22,995, GT from $30,495

The new 2011 Mustang lineup is a huge step forward for the Ford brand, with the V6 model gaining 95-hp and the GT seeing the return of the 5.0. But what will all these improvements cost you? Surprisingly, not all that much extra.

According to a leaked document posted on TheMustangSource, a base coupe will cost $22,995 (including the $850 destination charge), while the 412-hp GT will cross over the $30,000 mark, retailing for $30,495. In total, those price increases are $750 for the base V6 and $1,250 more than the ’09 year GT. And yet even with the increases and the huge engine upgrades for 2010, a Stang in either category is still cheaper than a comparable Camaro.

As for options, a six-speed automatic will cost $995 and a stylish California Special package is $2,475. See our gallery below for the full price list.

GALLERY: 2011 Mustang GT


GALLERY: 2011 Mustang


GALLERY: 2011 Mustang Price List


[Source: TheMustangSource]

  • DJ Martin

    As it has for 45 year, Mustang will continue to lead the Pony Car segment. Ford continues to know their market.


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