Report: 2014 Ford Mustang to Get Independent Rear Suspension

Report: 2014 Ford Mustang to Get Independent Rear Suspension

Ford is planning an independent rear suspension (IRS) for the next-generation Mustang. Due out in 2014, this next model will celebrate 50 years of the iconic pony car.

The news comes from Motor Trend after discussions with several Ford execs and one unnamed company insider. It is also based on several assumptions, which include the fact that a new global independent rear end platform is in the works after Ford canceled plans for a different rear-drive independent platform that was to underpin the Mustang, next generation Ford Falcon (in Australia) and an upcoming Lincoln model.

A new Mustang-based IRS platform would mean that the Falcon and Lincoln models would be canceled – which Ford has indicated is already the case for the Falcon, a model that has seen sales slum considerably over the past several years.

In order to make a new IRS platform affordable, Ford would have to take the Mustang global. While this does meet with Ford’s new One Ford approach for global platforms, in our recent discussions with Ford marketing boss Jim Farley, he indicated that the Mustang wasn’t likely to ever become a global seller.

Many of the details are still unclear and the report suggests the next Mustang may simply be an evolution of the current car or that it may go in two other very-different directions. The first would be along the lines of the BMW M3, shrinking the size of the car and using a twin-turbo EcoBoost V6. The second would be to take the car to an almost exotic level and take on cars like the Nissan GT-R.

[Source: MotorTrend]

  • jzEllis

    ok, i can see it getting smaller with the turbo v6…although the ECOBOOST engine is probably more expensive to produce than the 4.6L V8. but as far as the other end of the spectrum; a high end exotic? what ever, thats just stupid. Ford would pretty much be cutting the Mustangs whole customer base off at the knees if they did something stupid like that. just develope a true high performance stabel mate to the Mustang (ala Corvette) and let it be Ford. oh, and kudos to Ford for finally moving into the 21 cebtury with a IRS rear.

  • andrew Olson

    I bought my 2007 Mustang GT (used) because it was cheap and had a retro musclecar feel. IRS is a waste of time and money on this car. Keep it simple, cheap, and fast!