Report: GM Vice Chair Throws Down a Gauntlet to Ford in Heavy Duty Tug of War

Report: GM Vice Chair Throws Down a Gauntlet to Ford in Heavy Duty Tug of War

General Motors’ vice chairman of global product operations is so strong a believer in his company’s product he’s willing to prove it in a tug-of-war between the GMC Heavy Duty and the Ford F-Series Super Duty.

Vice Chairman Tom Stephens made the bold statement in an interview with about the new Duramax engines powering the 2011 Chevrolet and GMC Heavy Duty. The site’s editor was surprised by the statement, he asked Stephens three times if he was serious, but Stephens remained adamant.

“You’re going to love our new diesel Duramax engine in the new Heavy Duty,” Stephens told “You know what I want to do to prove it? I want to take our truck and Ford’s [new Super Duty] and chain them together back -to-back. Then I want to have them pull against each other. I know our truck will beat theirs.” passed the challenge on to Ford but has yet to get a response. We’re not sure if Ford is willing to take the bait, but this is one challenge we would love to see.


  • Ford Man

    This is stupid! It won’t tell you anything about ho good a truck is. Let the pissing match begin!

  • Truck

    that is one ugly truck

  • ryan

    What does a tug of war have to do with how good the truck is, its how good the tires are, why not have a towing contest?

  • On the fence

    A stock to stock towining contest of equatable vehicles would be nice to see but the crazy idea of having them hooked back to back is pointless as many other postes have described. Besideds, in the end, consumers will choose their future/replacement vehicles based on a host of items….not just a ‘Towing contest’….keep it real guys 🙂

  • cornbread

    two guys with Toyotas tried to do this a couple of years ago… one guy ended up getting killed. I think we should let Mythbusters test this one….

  • john

    I think that is the stupied think I ever heard of. we all know that the durmax has more HP but the rest of the truck is a POS will fall apart in a couple of years. Own both the ford are still running and will out last and out perform GM. and I buy AMERICAN NOT JAPANESE as you know durmax is made in japan

  • Aaron


    Duramax is NOT made in “Japan”… You might wanna do some studing and learn the facts before you post…

  • Justin

    No matter the out come of this stupid idea GM has, its not going to make a die hard ford fan change their mind to GM. Especially if they know anything about diesel trucks. Not to mention GM has never been able to back up any of their trucks with any kind of real proof on how great they are. Also, GM will still be broke while Ford is growing.

  • JT

    You know, this is a stupid idea, but what is more stupid are the childish comments I see above. GM, Ford and Dodge all make good products and it basically comes down to what you like better. These are some impressive #s by GM, but I too would like to see a towing dual statistic.

    Aaron, BTW, the Duramax is made by Izuzu, a Japanese company, but it has proven to be one the best diesel motors on the market today.

  • Steve0

    Well, you are both almost right. Izuzu makes the parts in Japan, but they are ASSEMBLED in Moraine, Ohio.
    I just know my Duramax will blow the doors off either the Ford or the Dodge, without smoking, stinking, or clattering loud enough to wake the dead, and get better mileage doing it!