Report: Holden “Pontiac G8 Edition” Commodore Proves Popular in Australia

Report: Holden “Pontiac G8 Edition” Commodore Proves Popular in Australia

Several months ago GM’s Australian Holden division announced that it would offer a special edition of the Commodore, dressed up to look like the Pontiac G8. Called the Holden VE Commodore SS V-Series Special Edition, the new model looks mostly identical to the Pontiac model (itself based on the Commodore), except for the absence of any Pontiac badging.

The model has been such a huge success, that Holden has now said it will continue to offer the package indefinitely. Retailing for $1,000 Australian premium ($923 U.S.), dealerships are even ordering stockiles of Pontiac badges so Aussie gearheads can more accurately replicate the G8.

Sadly, the Aussie’s enthuaism for the car isn’t shared by American consumers, or at least not by the execs at General Motors, who killed off the Pontiac brand shortly after it began to offer the G8 – arguably the best product from the company in 30 years.

[Source: CarPoint]

  • jzEllis

    well, it is what it is. once again, supposed American “enthsiest show just how unenthusiastic they are, and yet another Awesome car leaves these shores for lands where it was and is better appreciated. Then theres the fact that is the whole line of Commodores was brought over and built here this car alone could have changed Pontiacs fortunes overnight. with a sedan, wagon, ute er…el camino thingy, and possiblty a GTO re-do off the VE chassis and there’s your whole coheasive Pontiac IS performance line up! GM and most times the America consumer is stupid…