Report: Infiniti Considering Entry-Level Front-Drive Model

Report: Infiniti Considering Entry-Level Front-Drive Model

With companies like Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Lexus all looking down-market, it’s no surprise that Infiniti is exploring its future and its expansion possibilities with a new entry-level model. What is surprising, however, is news that an entry-level Infiniti may in fact be a front-drive model.

According to Larry Dominique, Nissan North America’s VP for product planning, Infiniti is considering a new model, or whole family of vehicles, based on a new front-drive platform. When Nissan first introduced the Infiniti brand to North America it did offer front-drive models like the G20 (based on the Japanese market Nissan Primera) and the I30 (based on the Maxima). Nissan soon abandoned that aproach, however, to focus on more traditional rear-drive models.

Dominique believes that many buyers don’t know or care if their vehicle is front drive, rear-drive or AWD, pointing to the success Acura has had with the TSX and TL. “Those buyers are OK with it,” he said in an interview with Automotive News. “I think we could deliver Infiniti off a different platform and deliver the experience Infiniti customers expect.”

In addition to this new model, Infiniti is also reported to be introducing a more entry-level G25 model, using a 2.5-liter V6 to take on cars like the BMW 328i.

While we can’t say we’re not worried about what could come out of this, considering Infiniti’s success in taking on the BMW 3 Series with its usually more powerful and less expensive G models, we have to admit that were intrigued. Who knows, perhaps an entry-level coupe (like the Acura RSX) could be in the products plans.

[Source: Automotive News]