Report: New Nissan Titan Coming in 2014, Titan Heavy Duty Possible

Report: New Nissan Titan Coming in 2014, Titan Heavy Duty Possible

The next generation of Nissan’s Titan pickup truck is scheduled to arrive somewhere around 2014 and could be joined or even proceeded by a heavy-duty version. The news comes from a report by, after an interview with Larry Dominique, vice president advanced and product planning and strategy at Nissan North America.

Despite making up only a miniscule segment of the truck market (2.11 percent to be exact), Nissan execs have repeatedly enforced the automaker’s commitment to offer a light duty full sized pickup truck. Initially Nissan was working with Chrysler to develop a new truck based on the Ram 1500, but after Chrysler’s bankruptcy proceedings and takeover by Fiat, the new Chrysler company broke off the agreement.

With the Titan’s future uncertain and market conditions unfavorable, sales plunged throughout the year, but Dominique believes the truck may have hit a turning point as original buyers seek to replace their trucks with new models.

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has said publicly that Nissan without Chrysler’s help, Nissan will go it alone, developing an all new Titan from the ground up.

Dominique is currently putting together a proposal for his bosses that would see the Titan and a heavy duty Titan share some exterior and interior parts, but with different frames. Ideally, this would lower production costs, while expanding Nissan’s share of the truck market.

With a date of roughly 2014 to the new Titan the current truck could have a production run of 11 years. Nissan will attempt to keep its truck fresh and competitive with updates from other trucks, like the Armada and Infiniti QX56.


  • ray christian

    I represent a service body manufactuer. There is a market for such truck providing a mininum of 8600 GVWR/3/4ton production. Is a diesel on the radar?

  • Charles Hucks

    I have a 2006 Titan that I bought new. I love the truck but the gas mileage is not good. I have owned GM & Ford and they are doing a better job with fuel milelage. If Nissan can improve without a great power loss, I’ll buy another Titan.

  • george

    titan is great. must keep the price down!

  • Mikey

    I miss my old Titan. Ended up buying Chevorlet since I needed a truck. I wish Nissan would have updated their truck line sooner.

  • Ronaldkelley54

    I can’t what for the nissan titan diesel to come out i would love to try it out im going to get one soon as i can.

  • Freejasz

    i am m on my 2nd titan,, first 2007 and now 2011,,  wont buy another unless the body changes and the gas mileage gets better

  • Royal

    I have 2006 model. Can’t wait to see the all new Titian.

  • Joe Angel

    Joe- I am looking forward to Nissan having a diesel truck. I have a 2008 extended cab model and it hasn’t let me down and just last year I got a 2012 Pathfinder. I would like to keep it going by getting a full size diesel as my next vehicle.

  • Andrew

    I am on Titan number 4. Absolutely the best trucks that I have ever owned and I have had them all. I trade them in at between 100 and 106 thousand Kms. Never so much as a squeak adjustment. Regular oil and filter changes and add gas. Looking forward to the redesign. As long as Nissan continues to build quality…….I will be a loyal customer.

  • Tom

    I still have my first Titan, 2004, added Firestone 5000 air bags and an AirLift compressor, heavy duty rear shocks, K & N air filter, and Yokohama Geolander 8 plys. The loads I carry on occasion have 3/4 ton owners turning their heads when I pass on uphill grades. Wouldn’t trade, or sell.

  • Mighty Fine

    First off. I own a 06,Titan and love it. I had several issues when it was new & still under warranty. Including rear diff noise at 2200 miles. Difference is Nissan replaced the diff and had the truck back to me in 2 days. I know vehicles will have problems but the manufacture’s must address the common problems so we are not experiencing the same thing in my 2012 as I did in my 06.
    Reasons I will buy another Titan. Awesome customer service . Useful bed. With 12 v outlet back there. From the factory sprayed bed liner, an electric rear windscreen that goes up & down. Not left to right and the driver doesn’t have to stop, get out, climb into the back seat and slide it over manually
    And my favorite, adjustable tie down anchors. My titan came with the bed slide rails on the bed sides and front, along with 2 rails that are evenly spaced on the bed floor so you can safely secure almost anything!
    Anyone who sees or borrows my Titan loves that option. Also a dampened tailgate, a bed extender and a storage hatch behind the l/r wheel. Some of the others are finally offering some of these things and bragging like they are the first to do it, when Nissan did these things back in 2004. Along with factory side heated mirrors that pull out for towing. A first on 1/2 ton trucks. Electric adjustable gas & brake pedals. And it does a great job towing my 4 place covered snowmobile trailer, a smaller 24 foot camper trailer and my car hauler trailer. It does a great job towing, probably as good as or better than my 01 Chevy Silverado HD 2500 with the gas, 6.0 liter and 4:11 gears!
    The things I don’t like, poor fuel milage. 12-15 unloaded, and as bad as 7 mpg when towing my trailers. Has had a drive line vibration almost since new, with Nissan saying its normal. Which is b.s. But overall I really like the truck and although my 06 is still in great shape, I’m starting to get the itch. Hurry up Nissan, I want to stay loyal but its time to buy and I’m not buying a 10 year old design.

  • Ken Wiggins
    This Titan has the Cummins 5.0L Turbo V8. I see that they hid the front because that must be the redesign on the old style body. Hopefully Nissan knocks it out the part with the total redesign!!!!