Report: Pagani Zonda Successor Getting V12 Engine, Carbon-Titanium Chassis

Report: Pagani Zonda Successor Getting V12 Engine, Carbon-Titanium Chassis

Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani is preparing its successor to the incredible Zonda and company founder Horacio Pagani has let slip a few new details about the upcoming exotic. Referred to by its code name, C9, this new model will have an entirely new design. We applaud this as Pagani has released dozens of different Zonda models since the supercar first debuted at the Geneva Auto Show back in 1999, however, coming up with a design as stunning and timeless as the current one will be difficult.

The chassis of the car will be build of carbon and titanium, with specially built tires from Pirelli.

As for the engine, like the Zonda, the C9 will also be powered by an AMG V12 but with a dispalcement of 6.0-liters and an output of 690-hp and an incredible 737 ft-lbs of torque.

According to Horacio Pagani, the new model will meet U.S. crash test and emissions regulations, meaning that unlike the Zonda it will be sold in North America.

Pricing is going to be in the range of $900,000 Euros, or roughly $1.2 million. As for production capacity, Pagani is hoping to build roughly 40 a year. That might not sound like much, but the current Zonda model takes almost a month to complete, meaning that Pagani only sells abotu 12 models in a year.

[Source: AutoCar]


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