Report: Toyota Aims to Double Hybrid Production By Next Year

Report: Toyota Aims to Double Hybrid Production By Next Year

With 500,000 hybrids sold last year, Toyota aims to double that number by 2011. Japan’s largest automaker had announced plans to reach the one million goal early in this decade, but a report in Japan’s Nikkei suggests Toyota is now looking at very-early in this decade.

Part of the reason for Toyota’s optimism is the fact that in 2009 the Prius was the top selling car in Japan – helped significantly by government incentives. It’s also been a hit in North America.

Along with several other hybrid versions of Toyota platforms, the automaker is looking to introduce eight all new hybrids in the near future. One of these will be a new compact model, based on the FT-CH Hybrid Concept shown at the Detroit Auto Show (above). Toyota has said it will expand the Prius name to become an entire line of vehicles.

Another hybrid coming down the pipe include a hybrid Auris for the U.K.

During Toyota’s press conference at the Detroit Auto Show, Jim Lentz, Toyota Motor Sales president, said that in the future hybrids will be the core powertrain technology for Toyota and that Toyota believes hybrid technology will become the staple throughout the auto industry.

[Source: Nikkei via LeftLaneNews]

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