Tokyo Auto Salon 2010: ASI Green Toyota Prius

Tokyo Auto Salon 2010: ASI Green Toyota Prius

Seen at the booth of wheel manufacturer RAYS Engineering at the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon was a nicely tuned Prius by ASI. Called the ASI Green Prius, this car is part of a new line of ASI tuning kits aimed at hybrid models. Currently it also includes a kit for the Honda Insight.

Sporting a green-accented Lexus badge, this Prius went through some pretty aggressive styling for a hybrid. Along with the aggressive front end, new side skirts and a small rear lip spoiler are plenty of carbon fiber accents and a nicely lowered stance.

This year’s Tokyo Auto Salon will undoubtedly be known for its excess hybrid tuning with every booth sporting a modified Toyota Prius of some sort. The ASI Green model was definitely one of the nicest we stumbled upon.

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