Tokyo Auto Salon 2010: Goodyear Goes Domestic With Chevy Camaro

Tokyo Auto Salon 2010: Goodyear Goes Domestic With Chevy Camaro

We can still remember when European vehicles first started making their way over to the Tokyo Auto Salon. It raised a lot of eyebrows and had many people buzzing on how receptive the Japanese tuners and consumers would be. Fast forward a few years and now European vehicles have become a norm and it looks like American vehicles are now making their way to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Over at the Goodyear booth, we spotted this Chevy Camaro, kitted out, slammed and sporting a massive set of wheels. The Camaro, a large car even in America, looks simple enormous next to many of the subcompacts and MPVs at the Tokyo show.

The Camaro really helped to set the Goodyear booth apart, looking completely unique from the modified Japanese and European cars. It’s not exactly the best America has to offer, but it will be interesting to see if American cars continue to penetrate the Japanese market.

At last year’s SEMA Show, the Camaro was easily the car of choice, with practically ever tuner displaying a modified version of the muscle car. At TAS, the Camaros have been relaced with Priuses.

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