Recall Notice: Toyota Recalls 8,000 Tacoma Pickups, 7,314 Camry Models

Recall Notice: Toyota Recalls 8,000 Tacoma Pickups, 7,314 Camry Models

Toyota has again announced another recall. Or should we say another, another recall. Yup, not one, but two recalls, affecting the Tacoma pickup and Camry sedan. Both recalls are minor in number, totaling just around 15,000 units and affect only 2010 model year cars and trucks.

First came the 2010 Tacoma recall for 8,000 trucks where a manufacturing defect may have caused trucks to be equipped with a cracked front drive shaft. This only applies to 4WD trucks. Toyota says it will notify owners starting in mid-March.

As for the Camry recall, it affects 7,314 Camry vehicles built for the 2010 model year. The issue here involves the brakes (surprise, surprise), and the NHTSA says that on some 4-cylinder models the left rear brake tube could puncture because of interference from the power steering tube. A loss of brake fluid could result in reduced braking ability and lead to an accident. Toyota has not yet released when it will contact owners of affected cars.

Those in need of more info can call the Toyota Customer Experience Center at 1-800-331-4331 or visit

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[Source: Toyota and NHTSA]

Official release after the jump:


Toyota Announces Voluntary Recall on 8,000 2010 Model Year Tacoma 4WD Trucks to Inspect the Front Drive Shaft TORRANCE, Calif., February 12, 2010 – Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc, today announced it will conduct a voluntary safety recall to inspect the front drive shaft on a small production run of certain 2010 model year Tacoma 4WD trucks.  The front shaft in approximately 8,000 vehicles may include a component that contains cracks that developed during the manufacturing process.  As those vehicles are used, the cracks may eventually lead to the separation of the drive shaft at the joint portion.

This condition only involves two specific front drive shaft production lot numbers installed in certain 2010 model year Tacoma 4WD vehicles. No other Toyota or Lexus vehicles are involved.

Dealers will be instructed to perform an inspection to identify the specific lot numbers located on the front drive shaft. Based upon the inspection results, in a limited number of cases, the front drive shaft may need to be replaced.

The inspection is estimated to take ten minutes.  The inspection and/or replacement will be performed at no cost to the vehicle owner.

Toyota will notify owners by first class mail starting in mid-March, 2010.

Detailed information and answers to questions about issues related to this recall are available to customers at and at the Toyota Customer Experience Center at 1-800-331-4331.

  • Mark M

    Ok…… Enough i enough. If you news writers are going to ride Toyotas butt over the recalls, at least get your story right. Your headline states \TUNDRA\, but in fact the story is about the Tacoma recall. Also, if you’re going to post facts, post them all. The part being recalled is by a supplier that also produces this part for 2 other manufacturers. Neither of which is having a recall for it. maybe someone should acutually step and and say \GOOD JOB TOYOTA\ for jumping on this issue.

  • Colum Wood

    Thanks for catching that. Yes, it is Tacoma and not Tundra. And yea, it’s a pretty minor recall.

  • Kim

    My tacoma is less than two years old.On numerous occasions it has sped over 90 mph before I could get it to stop. This usually happens when we are traveling and have the cruise control on. The problem is definitely in the electronics!

  • moisess

    i have tacoma 07. Jump when i releasing the brake