Report: Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon Facing Elimination Says Lutz

Report: Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon Facing Elimination Says Lutz

The small pickup truck segment seems to be a dying category, with the future of the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon now in doubt. According to a report by, GM’s product boss Bob Lutz has said that both models may not live on to see another generation. “It’s uncertain at this point,” he said. “They may well [go away].”

GM has yet to announce any plans for the trucks and last year it was announced that production at the Shreveport plant where the trucks are assembled would cease by 2012.

Ford has already said that it will stop production of its Ranger pickup by the end of 2011, and Dodge has decided to kill-off the Dakota pickup around the same time. Dodge is likely to replace the Dakota with a new model, however. Ford is debating several changes, with the potential to bring over the Ranger model currently overseas or offer a stripped-down version of the F-150. Currently, the only automaker having any success in the segment is Toyota with its dominant Tacoma, selling more than double the number of Rangers as last year.


  • Proto

    Here is a novel approach…Build a \Small truck\ that is good. Inexpensive, reliable and attractive. People like nice things that are inexpensive…not cheap stuff that feels and looks cheap!

    Just my two cents…bring back the S-10 and update it. It was a fantastic truck

  • Jermaine R. Raffety

    Surely, if not both trucks, at leat one with the most sales should have the opportunity to make it on to the GMT700 Platform, should we give Toyota the upper hand when it comes to building a reliable Compact Pick Up? If anything, should the Colorado survive to see a redesign, hopefully it should get segment leading qualities found in that of the GMT900 trucks.

  • M Bro

    “Currently, the only automaker having any success in the segment is Toyota with its dominant Tacoma” – Not entirely accurate – Nissan has had plenty of success with the capable Frontier in this segment.

  • Ken Thompson

    They act surprised. The Colorado/Canyon was an ugly, bloated, gas hungry replacement for the S10, and now…”aw gee, I guess there’s no demand for them.” You think?

    Proto was right, go back to the S10, update it, and give us what we want. We’ll buy it.

    The S10 is still in production in Brazil. What’s the problem GM? We’re not good enough for the S10 anymore?

  • John Caple

    bring back the S-10 I have had two of them they are great trucks I drove them both over 200k in fact I sold the second one two a family member and he is still driving it. The S-10 was a tough truck just needs an updated version thanks.

  • diamond dave

    I think they should keep at least one of the small med p/u. Just continue to produce good quality and increase the fuel economy and they will sale. Thanks

  • arkie don

    offer small truck with v6 engine and 6 speed auto tranny,k&n type air filter system plus dual free flo exaust and gm can rival toyota in sales.

  • David

    I am a GM man through and through. The Canyon and Colorado are the pickup version of the Aztek and are GMs all time ugliest vehicles. Add being overpriced and fuel hogs for their size, production can’t be stopped soon enough.