Report: Gran Turismo 5 Coming This Fall Says Sony Exec

Report: Gran Turismo 5 Coming This Fall Says Sony Exec

With a March release date for Sony’s ultra-highly-anticipated Gran Turismo 5 video game recently delayed, one Sony exec has said that the company is now working towards a Fall deadline. The idea is to have the game on sale before Chirstmas, which sounds good… if we believed anything Sony says any more.

With more hype than Avatar, the release of GT5 has been delayed more times than the closing of Gitmo and the whole situation has only been made worse by the electronics company. Since GT4 debuted in 2005, the GT5 game has been promised with numerous teasers and demos. And at this point living up to the hype is essentially impossible, unless of course they decide to release it in 3D.

Still, the Fall release date has now been promised by James Armstrong of Sony Entertainment Portugal. We won’t hold our breath. In fact, at this point we might not even hold on to hope.

[Source: GTPlanet]

  • Bill

    Sony has set the bar so high, they cannot meet expectations. Afterall, its still a game…not a simulator.