Report: Honda CR-Z Type-R Planned With 200-Horsepower

Report: Honda CR-Z Type-R Planned With 200-Horsepower

According to AutoExpress, the automotive journalists equivalent to the National Enquirer, Honda is planning a CR-Z Type R model. While a host of modifications would be included, like larger brakes and a stiffer suspension, the real boost will apparently come under the hood.

Instead of the lackluster 122-hp hybrid setup, the CR-Z Type R will make 200 healthy horsepower. Surprisingly, this won’t come as the result of K20 (or better yet, a K24 swap) but due to a more powerful gasoline engine, as well as a larger electric motor. While the stock 1.5-liter 4-cylinder makes 102-hp, the new version will make 150-hp. The 20-hp electric motor will then be replaced by a more powerful 50-hp unit. The result will be a much-improved 0-60 mph time of roughly 6 seconds.

The car will even gain a fourth driving mode, known as Sport Plus, which will deliver maximum performance from the hybrid setup, while firming up the steering and throttle response.

AutoExpress claims the vehicle is being planned for next year’s Tokyo Auto Show with sales beginning in Japan in late 2011 as a 2012 model. We certainly hope this report is right, but knowing AutoExpress and the vehicles Honda has been rolling out lately, we won’t get our hopes up. Prove us wrong… please… prove us wrong.

[Source: AutoExpress]

  • aqk

    As soon as I get my fiber-optic connection, I want to download as much data on this model as possible!
    And this includes VIDEOS.

    I am tired of old poor-perfoming sludgey perfoming cars!

    But WHAT is the price?

  • Michael

    A better question would be, what kind of layout will the drivetrain be in. A who the hell and why the hell, FRONT wheel dumb, or hopefully please HONDA hear this, Finally a Rear Wheel Drive. The way sports cars used to, have always, from certain wise manufacturers(BMW), and should continue to be made. As well as having a longtitudaly mounted engine. Let soccer moms and whoever the hell else can’t drive keep their silly FWD vans, but please??? Japan, I’d really love to have my old 81 Yoda Corolla back just for the sheer fact that it was a rear wheel drive and there were a tonne of things I could do to that engine. ALL without a friggen computer too boot! Not that computers in vehicles are bad, but please, if people with their Ultra safe SUVs/ SEdans/ and Vans still slam in to the back of people even with all their, ADS, ABS, TCS, DCP, MTV, and whatever the hell else a computer can control on the vehicle, What’s the point??? PLEASE, is there some way car manufacturers can design the button in the car that takes the impatience out of tail gating teenagers/impatient salesman/ speed demon soccer mom drivers; The road rage out of nuckle dragging neandrathals, and the plain stupidity out of phone talking/ make-up applying/ texting/ typing on a laptop dumb ass drivers?

    Do us all a favour leave all the computer controlling gadgetry OUT, make it a longtitudaly mount RWD, and find a way to deactive people’s electronic gizmos the minute the ignition fires up and have the car emit some sort of odor that restores common sense and wisdom to drivers and all would be ZEN.

    OH yeah, and keep it under 20K. Thanks

    Yeah, I know. ROFL/ LOL