Report: Next Camaro to Shrink In Size, Join Cadillac CTS and ATS on New Smaller Platform

Report: Next Camaro to Shrink In Size, Join Cadillac CTS and ATS on New Smaller Platform

Chevy’s next generation Camaro is going to shrink in size from its current behemoth underpinnings and share a new global Alpha platform with the third-generation Cadillac CTS and the all-new ATS. With the next Camaro due out in 2015, the CTS is destined to bow in 2013 as a 2014 model, while the 3-Series fighting ATS is scheduled to arrive just afterwards.

The news comes from a report by Motor Trend after a presentation by consultancy firm Grant Thornton LLP at the Automotive Press Association on Thursday.

Other details revealed include plans to discontinue the CTS Coupe and SportWagon, likely because both a coupe, convertible and wagon version of the ATS are in the works. The CTS will then grow slightly (by roughly 6-inches) to be more in line with the 5 Series and E-Class.

To make this plan cost effective its likely that the new Alpha platform will use different amounts of aluminum and steel depending on whether it is being used for a Cadillac or a Chevy, with the Caddy getting a higher percentage of lighter, but more expensive, aluminum.

In addition to this new MT also suggests, the 2015 Camaro SS is likely to get a supercharged or turbocharged V6, rather than a V8.

[Source: Motor Trend]

  • jzEllis

    oh Lord, here we go again, more baseless speculation from motortrend… while this guess is as good as any other, one thing is for sure. there will NEVER be a v6 only performance version fo the Camaro in the near future. especially with the current v8 version of the Camaro easily out selling the v6 version 3 to 1. if not more. back in the day when Pony cars where selling in the 3-4 hundred thousand range economicla engines may have nmattered for the bottom line, because ya know, posers wanna look fast too. but now the only people intersested in such a car have V8 and muscle as their primary motives. and that means a V8 will ALWAYS be the top motor in a Camaro or Mustang.

    hey, come to think of it, Ford and Pontiac both had forced induction engines as their model toppers in the 80s (ford turbo 4 svt rustang, and pontiac turbo trans am 3.8 v6) BOTH made MORE pwr than their v8 contemporaries and still didn’t sell….hmmmmmm

  • Dick Frakes

    The Japan auto builders are still trying to win WWII buy getting younger buyers to buy their light weight small look a like cars. If Detroit drops the V8 it’s over Japan wins. What Detroit should do is build small beefed up V8’s. Not one engine runs as smooth or as fast if set up correctly as a V8. And the sound of a V8 is pure music. Detroit, don’t cut your throat.