Report: Toyota to Investigate Lexus HS for Brake Problems

Report: Toyota to Investigate Lexus HS for Brake Problems

With a brake-related recall for the 2010 Toyota Prius expected any day now, Toyota is now said to be investigating the Lexus HS250h hybrid, which is also sold as the Sai in Japan. Using plenty of similar equipment to the HS the Prius has received over 100 complaints registered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as well as Japanese authorities. The NHTSA lists 10 brake-realated complaints for the HS.

Prius owners say they experienced a brief loss of braking capability when traveling over bumpy or icy roads. Toyota has admitted it knew of a problem that caused a brief loss of braking during the transition from the car’s regenerative braking to its traditional friction braking. Toyota refers to this as “slight unresponsiveness” and says it usually lasts less than a second. The automaker has said the issue has been solved on all models produced since late January but no recall has been ordered for models built before that time.

Over the weekend, Toyota engineers were busy testing the Prius at the company’s Higashifuji proving grounds. Toyota representative Ririko Takeuchi commented that the two models, “have very similar braking systems and we are currently checking whether they have the same problem.”

In the U.S., Toyota sold 6,699 Lexus HS hybrids last year, as well as 139,682 2010 Prius models.

[Source: Automotive News]