Spied: 2011 Dodge Charger Caught With New Roofline, Upgraded Interior

Spied: 2011 Dodge Charger Caught With New Roofline, Upgraded Interior

Spy photographers have caught the folks at Chrysler Corp. out testing the 2011 Dodge Charger. While the entire vehicle is covered in the typical camo, it’s still possible to see a new rear roof-line, which gives the rear of the muscle-sedan a more sleek European look. A full mid-cycle refresh is expected for the 2011 model year, after a very mild set of adjustments that Chrysler debuted on the 2010 model at the Detroit Auto Show this year.

More importantly, the 2011 Charger looks to get big changes inside with a big LCD screen and revised center stack.

Under the hood, the 2011 Charger will get Chrysler’s new Pentastar V6, which will debut in the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee this year making 280-hp and 260 ft-lbs of torque.

Follow the link below for a full gallery of exterior and interior photos:

[Source: Autoblog]

  • Brent Brooks

    I am a Dodge Charger/Mopar Fan. Been one ever since My Dad owned a 69′ Roadrunner and then a 70′ GTX. Loved the GTX, but the 70′ Cuda and 70′ Charger was my favorites. ANd the 70′ Charger is a very rare and hard product to find.
    I now own a 2006 Charger. Couldn’t wait for them to bring it back when they started advertising it in 1999. I wanted that car. I was sorta disappointed when the charged up, but still got one anyway. Now i have been waiting for the change and I really like the orginal 1999 design and even some of the earlier redesigns that had the old charger front and rear end design, but this new design they are coming out with for 2011, looks too much like that Mustang. The rear end resembles the new Camero.
    Please Dodge, keep the CHarger orginal and a Dodge Charger. Thats what will keep us fans coming back. If we wanted a Mustang or Camero we would go out and buy one. We want our Charger with a lil Old School Charger retro look. Bring back the hide-away head lamps or maybe blackout headlamp look. Make the rear tail-lights like the CHarger tail-lights, not like a chevy. Make them totally round or long across the back. If they keep the orginal design the have, I guess I’m only one, but you can count me out on trading up for the 2011. Gonna have to go with the Camero. Ford and Chevy went true retro with the Mustang and Camero and that is why they are a Hot Item right now. The buyers of those and these days are the Kids of the 70’s, we want our late 60’s and early 70’s childhood dream cars back…
    I’m telling DODGE, go Retro with the CHarger and you will have a True WINNERS. Oh! and one last thing, you have to offer a manual transmission like in the Challenger, We want that in the CHarger as well. After all American Muscle is what it is. Haven’t you seen Fast and Furious?

  • shawn gabbard

    I am so over the whole bold grille thing LOSE it! It’s fine for a truck but …… really. BUILD A CHARGER that looks like a charger and everything else will be fine. Build a charger that looks like a charger offer it with a v-8 rear drive 6 speed manual with A/C put normal size wheels and tires on for around $20,000.00 base price. Then they can say they have done something. Take a long thought back to 1990 you could walk onto any Ford car lot and buy a new GT Mustang for 15000.00 and tear up the streets and everyone did….Note to Dodge send your design crew to the Mopar Nationals in Columbus, Ohio in August. Let them see what a Charger should look like,and study the 1968 -1970 Chargers. The 68-70 Charger is probably the best looking car ever built by anybody…

  • L

    this car is gona bomb out they should have changed the whole front end aiso should have changed the lights its the same shit i wount bye one

  • Steven

    I own a 2006 charger r/t and I love it,however I also wish dodge would get smart and build the car right befor the world ends. A two door coupe with a 68 front and rearend and I will be 1st to trade or buy another charger. Americans deserve that ride!! Ps don’t for get the six speed trans.let the ass kicken begin!

  • Frank

    If I wanted a “sleek European sedan”, I’d buy one. I bought a Charger in 2007 because it stood out. I like the 2010 Challenger, but despite driving like the Queen Mary, it has a ridiculously small cabin. I’ll stay with my 2007 Charger. Dodge designers blew an easy sale by making the new Charger look like yet another Toyota.