Cadillac CTS-V SportWagon Spied, Likely to Debut at NY Auto Show

Cadillac CTS-V SportWagon Spied, Likely to Debut at NY Auto Show

Several spy photos that popped up on the net over the weekend have revealed what appears to be a production ready Cadillac CTS-V SportWagon. We shouldn’t be too surprised to see the car (caught during filming of a commercial in downtown LA) as Bob Lutz has confirmed it for production. But after Lutz’ G8 promise, it’s best to see it to believe it.

The wagon is likely to contain no surprises, but is sure to be plenty awesome with Caddy’s 556-hp supercharged 6.2-liter V8 under the hood. It’s also likely to debut at the New York Auto Show, just before Lutz is set to retire.

Still, as cool as it is, we’re not exactly sure this vehicle makes great business sense. Wagons aren’t very popular in North America and Cadillacs aren’t very popular in Europe – where such a high-powered wagon might find a home. That being said, we hope the V version isn’t overly expensive to make as the CTS-V SportWagon might only be popular with internet bloggers like us who don’t have the cash for all that, well, you know…

  • JimNic

    If they build this thing, I’m a buyer. The only accessory I will need is a helmut for my golden retreiver.


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