Ferrari 599 GTO Fully Revealed in New Spy Photos

Ferrari 599 GTO Fully Revealed in New Spy Photos

Above (and below) we have the first photos of the Ferrari 599 GTO, spied in a Ferrari showroom. Earlier in the week what looked like a drawing of the car leaked out, but these pics show a production model on display in a Ferrari show center, complete with paint samplings and a prancing horse on the wall. With a matte-black roof, special wheels and plenty of extra venting on the hood, the real give away is the GTO badge on the rear.

We still don’t know when Ferrari is planning to unveil the car or exactly what sort of modifications it will have. Piecing together several different reports, the 599 GTO is likely to have anywhere from 650- to 700-hp and weight up to 200-lbs less than the factory car. We also expect a stripped-down interior along the lines of the F430 Scuderia.

We’re particularly interested to see if Ferrari will update the transmission to Scuderia-matching 60 millisecond shift times or opt for an adapted version of the new seven-speed dual-clutch unit found in the 458 Italia.

As for the price, it is reported to cost $430,000.

GALLERY: Ferrari 599 GTO


[Source: Cardisiac via TeamSpeed]