Geneva 2010: Mazda MX-5 Marks 20th Anniversary

Geneva 2010: Mazda MX-5 Marks 20th Anniversary

Mazda unveiled a limited edition MX-5 at the Geneva Auto Show, celebrating the car’s 20th anniversary.

Only 2,000 units have been announced, each equipped with a uniquely-numbered scruff plate. Unfortunately for us in North America, those 2,000 models are exclusive to Europe.

The 20th Anniversary Edition MX-5 will be available in three colors, the new Aurora Blue as well as the classic Crystal White and True Red (the blue model in the photos is the 20th Anniversary edition, the red one in the gallery below is the first generation MX-5). The Anniversary edition model also gets a special styling package featuring a chrome grille and headlight facia, chrome handles and silver-look fog lamp fascia. Other touches include an alloy pedal set and 17-inch aluminum rims with a special finish.

Gallery: 20th Anniversary Mazda MX-5