Geneva 2010: Toyota FT-86 Concept… Still A Concept

Geneva 2010: Toyota FT-86 Concept… Still A Concept

Despite rumors that the Toyota FT-86 Concept would debut at the Geneva Auto Show in production form, it appears as though that isn’t the case. As the very first thing show-goers will see when they enter Hall 4 at Europe’s most prestigious motor show, its obvious the importance that Toyota places on this vehicle – a model that could help rebrand the Japanese automaker while giving it some much-needed positive PR.

The rumors of a redesign are also false, which is probably a good thing as the car probably couldn’t get much better looking.

The name FT-86 brings together Toyota’s past and future, with the “FT” coming from the FT-HS hybrid concept from a few years back, while the “86″ is donated from the AE-86, a small rear-drive, two-door Corolla-based sports car (called the Hachi-Roku), made famous by drifters.

Other than the design of the car (which is certainly impressive with plenty of Lexus LF-A inspired goodness), we still don’t know a lot about the FT-86 concept. What we do know is that it will be light weight, with “racecar-like handling” and be powered by a 2.0-liter boxer four-cylinder engine from Subaru.

With Toyota’s press conference set for tomorrow, we’ll be sure to listen carefully for when Toyota plans to bring this sporty model to market.

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