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 |  Mar 18 2010, 3:17 PM


The 2003-2006 Ford GT is one of America’s proudest super cars. Its sleek, low profile design gives it a sense of being exotic while there’s no mistaking the American muscle that powers it. From the factory it came equipped with a 5.4L V8 with a Lysholm twin screw-type supercharger producing 550-hp and 500 ft-lbs of torque. With an MSRP in the mid-$100,000′s, it’s hard to imagine there would be many of these prowling on the streets, never mind modified ones. But modified ones there are, and Performance Power Racing is taking top honors with its 1,400-hp Ford GT that recently set a production car world record.

You see, the Ford GT has a top speed of 200 MPH off the assembly line. Performance Power Racing in South Florida  wanted to take that above and beyond. They claim that their Ford GT went from the previous top speed of 200 mph to 252.97 mph in merely 7.3 seconds with the aid of a pair of turbochargers forcing 26 psi into the V8.

And just like that a record is set and for those not fortunate enough have witnessed it (we definitely weren’t!) there’s a video after the break.

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