Report: Cadillac XTS Headed to Production, Mostly Unchanged from Concept

Report: Cadillac XTS Headed to Production, Mostly Unchanged from Concept

Cadillac will move ahead with production plans for its new flagship XTS luxury sedan, with the vehicle remaining mostly unchanged from from the concept car shown at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. Slated to replace both the STS and DTS, the XTS won’t quite compete head-to-head with the Lexus LS, BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class, due mostly to a slightly smaller interior and the lack of a rear-wheel drive. But don’t worry, XTS will at least be available as an AWD model. It is, however, longer and wider than an S-Class.

According to a report by Motor Trend, Cadillac is not only intent on keeping the exterior style of the concept, but is also planning on retaining the impressive interior – that easily rivals segment leaders like the Audi A8.

Shown as a plug-in hybrid in concept form, using an electric motor, lithium-ion battery and a 3.6-liter direct-injection V6 gasoline engine making a total of 350-hp, this drivetrain is unlikely. GM has recently admitted that the company’s plug-in hybrids are to be limited to the Volt and Opel Ampera in Europe, due to short supply of parts. However, a non-plug in hybrid system is a possibility. There’s also reason to believe that instead of a typical V8 under the hood, GM will deliver a rumored twin-turbo V6.

GALLERY: Cadillac XTS Concept Unveiled in Detroit


GALLERY: Cadillac XTS Concept


[Source: Motor Trend]

  • Joe Yoman

    The interior looks goofy and way to techno, he outside carries on the never ending mislocated chrome strip at the bottom of the doors, plain slab sides and been there done that styling. Color me unimpressed!

  • Dick Brown

    Without the Northstar V-8, the XTS will not make it on the market. I hate it, but it true. I’m a Cadillac man all the way, but the V-6 is not a good engine. I’ve had both. Nothing can beat the Northstar V-8. I have the V-8 in the DTS and the Eldorado that I own. Never an engine problem and better on gas milage than the V-6 that was in the CTS I had, which I sold within six months. V-6 and rear wheel drive just does not give Cadillac justice.