Report: Chevy Considering Mid-Engine C8 Corvette

Report: Chevy Considering Mid-Engine C8 Corvette

With the seventh-generation Corvette due out soon, Chevy is reportedly already looking ahead to the C8 model with major changes planned. General Motors had planned a major revamp of the Corvette for the C7 model but when the economy took a turn for the worse, it was decided that less ambitious changes had to be made. As a result the C7 is to follow after previous Vettes, but with improvements. In other words, it’s more of a stop-gap, to keep the iconic sports car alive until the C8 arrives to usher in a new era of the Corvette.

“That [the C7] will be the last of the traditional, old-style Corvettes,” said a senior GM representative to AutoWeek. Reportedly under consideration for the C8 is a light-weight aluminum platform with a mid-engine layout. It is may also be smaller in size and could even use a V6 engine. That might sound crazy, but if a V6 is planned, you can expect a few turbochargers to also be a part of the package.

We’ve already seen reports mentioning GM’s plans to make the Corvette a more global car with improved youth-appeal, and as much as cosmetic changes to the C7 platform are expected to head in that direction, the C8 is now looking to update every aspect of the car.

[Source: Autoweek]

  • Tom Donohue

    Theyve been talking about a mid engine vette forever. I’d love to see it and have the Corvette get the respect it deserves as a sports car around the world. It already has international respect as a race car.

  • Eric Hahs

    I think a mid engine Vette would be a very interesting challenge for the GM crew. Like to see it happen.

  • Mike

    A V6 in any Corvette is a Killer. Jaguar tried that with the J220 and it was a miserable failure. Very few sold. I would like to see a set up like the Ford GT; now that would get my attention and money.

  • Joe K

    During a Tour of the Pratt and Miller Race Facility in 2008 I saw a mid engine prototype.. I was asked to erase the pictures I snapped of it….

  • DAVE P

    I own a 2008 corvette Z06 and I think the looks of the C8 are very nice. (looks like the same car from Transformers2) But anything less than a V8 would be a crime against the corvette name. Now a smaller V8 with a super-charger or a turbo enough power to produce at least 500 horsepower for the base model would be acceptable.

  • Todd

    Switching to the V6 is no crime. Times are changing and the world must change with it. The current Camaro V6 is giving the stock V8 Mustang GT a run for it’s money. The so called “Purists” that keep complaining about the idea of a V6 are going to be the ones that end up limiting the cars ultimate potential. As the former owner of a 2002 Z06 that averaged about 20 MPG (Not bad for a high performance pushrod V8 by any standard) I can honestly say that if GM was able to release the same car with the same power but use a more fuel efficient V6, I say go for it.

    The corvette should be (and in many ways IS) a technological marvel… Not just a fast car.