Report: Chrysler Planning Light-Duty Cummins Diesel for Ram Trucks

Report: Chrysler Planning Light-Duty Cummins Diesel for Ram Trucks

Chrysler is moving ahead with plans to deliver its light-duty Ram pickups with a diesel option, sourced from none-other than the automaker’s long-time heady duty diesel partner, Cummins.

Joe Veltri, VP of product planning at Chrysler told that they are currently in discussions with Cummins, commenting that, “There’s no contract [with Cummins], but [a light-duty diesel] is in our plan.”

Chrysler had planed to introduce a diesel for the Ram 1500 already, but any existing contracts were voided when Chrysler filed for bankruptcy over the summer. The rumored new engine is said to be a 5.0-liter V8 that Veltri says could also be used in the heavy duty pickups as well, something that would certainly give Dodge (or the new Ram brand we should say) a unique offering in the light-duty truck segment.

With talks ongoing, there’s still no word on when a light-duty diesel Ram could make it to market.


  • Floyd Young

    My view is not to mix V-8 diesel engines with inline six diesel engines in work trucks. My 2005 5.9L CTD Dodge 3500 truck is a great truck and the best truck I have ever owned. Inline six engines are work truck engines and V configurations are for racing car gasoline engines. I would like to see Chrysler put an inline six turbo charged gasoline engine option into their 1500 pickups.

    I have a 1998 4.3L V-6 in a GMC pickup and it is gutless with no bottom end power. My son has a 2002 Trail Blazer with a 4.2L inline six gasoline engine and it has lots of low end pull.

    BMW uses inline six 3.0L turbo charged gasoline engines in their technically superior automobiles and it is a great engine with lots of power and smoothness. BMW also has an inline six 3.0L turbo charged diesel engine that has excellent torque and smoothness.

    Chrysler hit the smart button when they used Cummins inline six turbo diesel engines in their trucks. V-8 diesels have not functioned so well for Ford or GM; therefore, Chrysler should be wiser than to put V configuration diesels into their trucks. That is unless there are an over abundant amount of truck buyer who want V-8 diesels in their pickups because they don’t use them for hard work anyway. There are so few drivers today who have experienced the operational difference between inline and V configuration engines that the population can be sold anything. It is readily seen that 8 is more than 6, but don’t educate them about crankshaft stroke and cylinder bore. The ignorant can be talked into anything and it is seemingly convincing if an automatic transmission is behind the engine.

  • Fernando Mata

    I agree with you “Floyd Young”. Reason heavy duty pickups are bought from Ram are the ISX. I’m a proud owner of the last great version of the 5.9HPCR(2006). Torque is king on moving heavy load. No secret inline motors make their presence known in the low rpm. I would like to see a light duty diesel. Dont known why it’s hasn’t been in production, theres a crowd waiting for a change. Bigger than you think! Also, just because I would like to get a 5 speed auto to mate up with my CR.

  • Richard Kouba

    I would be totally for any diesel half ton. Most people think diesels are only for pulling, but I do not agree. They can make some awesome fuel economy. Just think about when GM had the 5.7 diesel in cars which made any wheres from 22 to 27 mpg. I believe the 4BT in a Ram 1500 would be awesome, as long as it had high rearend gears or a tall overdrive. My brother and I put one in a 1994 Chevy half and get about 27 mpg doing about 60 mph but lower on interstate because of low rearend gears and high revving.