Report: FT-86 Based Subaru Model Dropping AWD in Favor of RWD

Report: FT-86 Based Subaru Model Dropping AWD in Favor of RWD

Subaru is reportedly looking to scrap plans for an AWD version of the Toyota FT-86 in favor of a rear-drive only model. This is sure to have the marketing department at Subaru up in arms with the accountants, as Subaru’s whole brand identity is based on the company’s Symmetrical AWD setup.

Japan’s Best Car is reporting that the cost of making the Toyobaru AWD has become prohibitive as so only a rear-drive model is now planned. So with Toyota already scheduled to bring a rear-drive FT-86 to market, the only difference between the two models is likely to be slightly different bodywork and interior design.

Based on a modified AWD Legacy platform we still find this news hard to believe and as much as we’d love a more entry-level Toyota model, a high-powered Subaru would be plenty of fun and most likely worth the added cost.

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[Source: Best Car via 7Tune]

  • Jemtec

    Clearly a Toyota made decision.
    This is an attractive design I give it that.
    However, I feel any Subaru based platform needs to take advantage of the low center of gravity that a boxer engine provides.
    The choice of removing AWD may reduce cost, but you also remove alot of driving dynamic and practicality for poor weather driving.
    I mean, maybe 100 Lbs of added weight for much better traction?
    For most people, sure, you can own one of these or buy a 370Z and get much the same driving character In my honest opinion.
    Subaru, with all its experience with the WRX, needs to focus on what makes cars fun to drive.
    Deleting the AWD is a very foolish notion and goes against the philosopy Subaru would have nothing but AWD vehicles.