Report: Honda HSV-010 Race Car Headed to Production Next Year

Report: Honda HSV-010 Race Car Headed to Production Next Year

According to a new report by the reputable German outlet Autobild, Honda will resurrect the NSX after all. That’s right, the article suggests Honda will put its HSV-010 GT race car into production in 2011. The car’s track would be reduced some, with minimal changes to the bodywork and the absence of a GT-car wing. As for power, it will come from a 500-ish horsepower 5.0-liter V8 engine rather than the race car’s 3.4-liter racing unit.

Honda has promised the return of the NSX several times and repeatedly reneged on its word, so we’re not getting too excited. But if you want to get all hot and bothered about the possibility, we have two bits of info to help. First up, Honda most likely built the race car with the plan to bring it to production, testing it on the track first – which it has now done. Second, with that plan in place, it’s likely that one of the main contributing factors to Honda’s decision to cancel the road car was the economic downturn. And with the economy now starting to turn a corner, well, Honda is thinking there’s not only a market for the car, but that it now has the means to move forward with the project.

Honda hasn’t confirmed any of this yet (obviously), but we can dream. And an NSX replacement is just what we’ll be dreaming about tonight. Vroom vroom.



[Source: Autobild via Autoblog]