Report: Infiniti M Sedan to Play Flagship Role For the Forseeable Future

Report: Infiniti M Sedan to Play Flagship Role For the Forseeable Future

Infiniti has had tremendous success with the G series of “entry-level” luxury sport sedans, rivaling industry leaders like the BMW 3 Series, but when it comes to full-on flagships, Nissan’s luxury arm has only ever produced failures.

With the introduction of the new M for 2011, Infiniti is now saying it has no plans to revive the Q flagship, which hasn’t been in production since 2006. In an interview with Automotive News, Infiniti VP of global business, Toru Saito, said the 2011 M sedan will, “play a flagship role” for the brand.

This makes some sense as the new M is essentially the size of the previous Q45, but with automakers like BMW, Lexus and Mercedes now offering truly huge flagship sedans, it still doesn’t quite seem up to the task. Regardless, Infiniti thinks it will be enough of a draw offering most of the size and, in M56 trim, it will most certainly deliver the power with 420-hp and 417 ft-lbs of torque from a massive 5.6-liter V8.

Saito says Infiniti is still open to the possibility of reviving the Q, but comments that there would have to be sufficient demand – something there never has been.

[Source: Automotive News via Autoblog]

  • Jonathan Miller

    The M is a capable flagship for Nissan…The Q was a lumbering luxury sedan not in keeping with the sporty nature of the Nissan/Infiniti brand…The M has the luxury yes but it is sporty alternitive to the E and the others