Report: InsideLine Dynos 2011 Mustang GT, With Impressive Results [and video]

Report: InsideLine Dynos 2011 Mustang GT, With Impressive Results [and video]

With the launch of the all-new 2011 Mustang GT ongoing, the team at InsideLine decided to strap the new 5.0-liter pony to a dyno to see just how accurate the car’s claimed numbers are. If you’ll recall, Ford officially boasted a total of 412-hp and 390 ft-lbs of torque.

A total of seven pulls were done with the final few runs laying down 395-hp at 6600 rpm and 365 ft-lbs of torque at 4350 rpm. InsideLine claims that due to the solid rear axle the ‘Stang will only see a drivetrain loss of roughly 11 to 13 percent power. And it doesn’t take a calculator to figure out that the 17-hp difference between the claimed flywheel number and the dynoed wheel horsepower number is far less than that. So what gives? Well, there are two possibilities. The first is that the pre-production models are pumping out more power than stock. The second option is that Ford has underrated the car’s 412-hp number – always a smart move.

Normally a car with 412-hp would lay down numbers closer to 360 whp. Instead, with 395 tested whp, it looks like the new 5.0 ‘Stang makes closer to 440-hp. Not bad!

InsideLine says all pulls were done on a Dynojet 248 chassis dyno in 4th gear using 91 octane and with a 3 percent weather correction factor.

See after the jum for a video of the dyno pull:

[Source: InsideLine]

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  • Erik

    So, you managed to get 395 hp out of it, by dynoing it in the wrong gear? 4th is 1.32:1 5th is 1:1 on those.

  • this is a press ringer, it will go as fast as a BOSS but you won’t find a GT like it at the dealer

    Most Mustang GT’s rated at 420hp dyno 365rwhp with stock axle

    and 370rwhp with 3.73 axle option

    I guarnntee it has the 2.5hours of head work found in BOSS and aftermerket engine internals that are Drop Forged & Ball Peen Forged like Camaro comes with stock. Manley rods save weight because Mustang GT stroke is too big for stock GT to fit counterbalance in the block, so it can’t 0balance internally

    large stroke x short rods means easy power but low durability. crank pushes the piston at a steep angle against the cylinder wall, accelerating faster than the crank journal is moving and wearing it out, adding higher compression(resistance) with GT’s smaller bore to spread the pressure over

    also means higher pistons speeds at all RPM

    Mustang GT peak piston speed at peak HP 82.58

    higher than a Formula1 piston @18,000rpm

  • Mustang GT peak piston speed at peak HP 82.58mph

    higher than a Formula1 piston @18,000rpm

    Mustang GT rods are made the same way a Ford Escort 1.9L
    BOSS internals are ordered from aftermarket vendors