Report: Maserati to Follow Ferrari in Adding Hybrid Models

Report: Maserati to Follow Ferrari in Adding Hybrid Models

With Ferrari having announced at the Geneva Auto Show last week that it would offer hybrid versions of all of its future models, is it really any surprise to learn that Maserati is also looking to ad hybrid options to its lineup? While the siblings aren’t technically in the same part of the umbrella under the greater Fiat company, a lot of product still gets shared around: from engines to platforms to transmission technology. According to Inside Line, Maserati will also look to do what every automaker from Acura to Volkswagen is also doing – reduce the weight of its vehicles moving forward.

Our first look at this technology came last week at the Geneva Auto Show when Ferrari unveiled its matte-green 599 hybrid concept (Vettura Laboratorio HY Kers), which uses a Kinetic Energy Recovery System to give the model an extra boost of electric power – making it an even higher performer. The lithium-ion battery pack for the hybrid system is located low in the car, improving its center of gravity, while not intruding on the passenger compartment. It is hooked up to a dual-clutch 7-speed transmission and adds at least 100 extra hp (as Ferrari insisted every added pound was offset by at least one horsepower). The electric energy generated under braking also powers the car’s batter and its accessories, and allows the car to run on pure electric power at times.

We’re interested to see what a hybrid Maserati would have in store and have to think a more efficient second-generation Quattroporte would be a great place to start.

[Source: InsideLine]


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