Report: Mazda Still Debating CX-7 Diesel for North America

Report: Mazda Still Debating CX-7 Diesel for North America

Rumors about Mazda importing the CX-7 diesel to North America just won’t go away, leading to increased speculation that one day the more fuel efficient models will eventually arrive. The latest bit of info comes from Road & Track, claiming that the Japanese automaker continues to mull the decision. While the upcoming 2016 fuel economy standards will be tough for all automakers to achieve, Mazda will have it particularly rough as the company’s models are often a bit more performance oriented than their competitors, meaning they’re also slightly less fuel efficient.

Currently, Mazda offers a CX-7 equipped with a 2.2-liter turbodiesel in Europe. It makes 170-hp and 295 ft-lbs of torque and get a an average of 31.4 mpg on the European test cycle. However, if and when a diesel CX-7 makes its way to North America, it will get Mazda’s new Sky-D diesel engine, with more power, improved fuel economy and likely a new dual-clutch automatic transmission.

If Mazda does move ahead with plans to bring the CX-7 diesel to North America, it would be the first diesel model in the compact crossover category.

[Source: Road & Track]


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