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 |  Mar 15 2010, 9:45 AM


With some big changes coming to the Australian V8 Supercars series, Mercedes-Benz may be looking to get in on the action. Starting in 2012, the Australian NASCAR-meets-Touring Car series will follow after the U.S. stock car series by introducing a Car of the Future platform, essentially making the championship more of a spec series.

The new cars would trade the out-dated live-axle setup for a fully-independent one, while DOHC engines would replace the current pushrod ones – both updates that are more consistent with Mercedes’ high-tech engineering capability. A series dominated by Ford Falcons and Holden Commodores, the fan following has done great things for the domestic Australian automakers, who have seen a rise in sales of high-performance FPCs and HSVs. Mercedes, quite reasonably, isn’t prepared to sit back and watch other automakers take over the market for big V8-powered rear-drive sedans.

Adding to the speculation is word that Mercedes has commissioned the renowned Brock Engineering team to build a C63 AMG-based track taxi to take VIP guests around for hot laps ahead of this year’s races – no doubt drumming up interest and testing the waters.

The rule change doesn’t take place until the 2012 season, so there won’t be any Mercs competing in V8 Supercars until then, but when and if Mercedes does arrive, they might not be alone. Reportedly, both Nissan and Hyundai are examining the possibility of getting involved as well.

[Source: CarPoint.com.au]

  • Ghostbusters

    Finally, something else other than Holden and Ford. Been bored to death watching those two go head-to-head during every V8 Supercar Series here in Australia. Now we get to see some real action!

  • Fred

    Interesting story but for goodness sake please do some grammar and spelling checks!!

    “….. so there won’t be an Mercs competing in V8 Supercars until then, but when an if Mercedes does arrive they might not be alone. Reportedly both Nissan and Hyundai are examining the possibility of getting involved as well.”

    Why stick with V8s ?
    It would be MUCH better if we got the Australian Touring Car Championship back and let turbo cars compete.

    Seeing as though Ford has done the dirty and are removing the Falcon (can you believe it ??) from Australia, what will be the Ford V8 to run in the 2012 competition ? – A 2010 Falcon ????

    What a joke and Ford can royally get stuffed.

  • Paul

    Too late now for the Mitsubishi Magna. Mitsubishi were trying to get the Magna (with the Dodge NASCAR V8′s under the bonnet) into the competition beginning 2006 but Holden bitched and complained. What a wasted opportunity. I am so bored with the Holden vs Ford thing. Dick Johnson said in an interview that the current V8 Supercars format isn’t broken. Wrong! It is: so let’s fix it.