Report: Next BMW M3 to Get 450-hp Twin-Turbo Six

Report: Next BMW M3 to Get 450-hp Twin-Turbo Six

The next BMW M3 will toss it’s naturally aspirated V8 in favor of a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six. This news comes from a report by Automobile Magazine, with plenty of other insight into the next generation 3 Series – code named F30. But before we get to that… back to the M3. Likely not due out until at least 2013, the M3 will get a bump in power from the current 420 ponies to around 450. And because it’s turbocharged, we can expect a significant increase in torque.

As for the standard 3 Series, it’s due in 2012 and will be offered with five body styles. The usual sedan, coupe, convertible and wagon will continue on and BMW will add a Gran Turismo hatchback model, much like with the current 5 Series. The 3 Series GT, however, will be targeted more towards sport than luxury. Automobile claims the 3 Series sedan will be less dramatic looking, while the coupe will get completely different sheetmetal that’s more dynamic looking.

In terms of engines we don’t have much into about powerplants for North America, but in Europe the F30 3 Series will come with more powerful versions of the current 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter gasoline engines and two more powerful diesel engines. Automobile claims the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder will make 252-hp, which might make it powerful enough to be the base engine in the 3 Series.

In unconfirmed news, BMW is also considering two other models. The first is a three-door hatchback (often called a “shooting brake”). The second is a Speedster model, using a soft top convertible roof rather than a hard-top, to keep weight to a minimum. This would likely be built by BMW’s M division.

[Source: Automobile]

  • Dan Riley, Newport Beach California

    The current 5 series hatchback model is BUTT ugly. Did some one hire monkeys from the ZOO to design cars for BMW? They use to be a company that really had a handle on who they where as a brand and what that brand meant to the people that loved and bought BMW cars. You would think articles like the one in Car & driver comparing a 2011 GT Mustang with a current M3 would be a wakeup call for BMW. Bottom line the $35,000.00 FORD GT Mustang matched the performance numbers of the M3.
    PLEASE FIRE THE CHIMPS AND START BIULDING REAL BMW’S. LIKE THE ONES WE USE TO LOVE!!!!!! By the way,I can purchase a really nice used Modena Ferrari with F1 trans for the same price as a new M3, Hmmmm, what to do.