Report: Next-Gen Lexus IS to Include Wagon Bodystyle

Report: Next-Gen Lexus IS to Include Wagon Bodystyle

Lexus is looking to bring back the IS SportCross – at least in Europe. The wagon body style of the original IS300 was a massive flop in North America, causing Lexus to eliminate the oddly shaped five-door from its product plans when it came around to building the second generation of cars.

With North Americans being early adopters of Lexus vehicles, Toyota’s luxury arm is now looking to make more of a push in Europe as its models finally start to become more popular there. Lexus now admits that its decision to drop a wagon model most likely slowed sales and the growth of the brand in a market where wagons are seen as the functional yet cool alternative to boring sedans.

As a result, Lexus is now looking to bring back the IS wagon for the third-generation model, due out soon. And according to a report by AutoCar, the wagon is likely only to be sold only as a hybrid (which sounds strange to us). This model would then help Lexus compete more strongly with the popular BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class wagons.

There’s no word about the wagon returning to North America and while the segment does seem to be growing with the Cadillac CTS SportWagon on sale now and the Acura TSX Sport Wagon coming, it’s still not clear if the U.S. market will accept luxury wagons in numbers significant enough for Lexus to bring the SportCross back to our shores.

IS-F SportCross anyone?

[Source: AutoCar]

  • 1230asdf

    I think this would be a great time for Lexus/Toyota to have a hatchback contender – even if it’s on the luxury side of things, utility was a major factor for most SportCross owners. I would be ecstatic for the “new” SportCross to come here to the US.