Spied: Next Generation Hyundai Elantra Uncovered in Korea with Sonata’s Good Looks

Spied: Next Generation Hyundai Elantra Uncovered in Korea with Sonata’s Good Looks

A single spy photo captured in Korea seems to show the next-generation Hyundai Elantra. Some reports have suggested this might be the next Accent, but it simply looks to large and too impressive to be a true economy car.

If in fact it is the Elantra, what is obvious is that the compact sedan has inherited some good looks from its big brother, the Sonata. We have to say the coupe-like profile isn’t quite as impressive on a car with a shorter wheelbase and it seems like Hyundai engineers have a tough time making the Elantra look like anything but a jellybean.

With the car due out near the end of this year or early next year, we expect to be impressed – and for good reason. Since the debut of the Genesis Coupe and Sedan, all of the Korean automaker’s products have won our highest praise. We recently tested the 2010 Tucson and the 2011 Sonata and regarded them as segment leaders. In addition to the new Elantra, Hyundai will introduce all-new versions of the Accent, Santa Fe and an unnamed “sporty coupe” based on the Veloster Concept before the end of 2011.

But before we get any production news on this model, Hyundai will introduce the Sonata Hybrid, a turbocharged Sonata model and the new Equus flagship this year.

[Source: ppomppu.co.kr via Autoblog]

  • halo

    The front is plasticky and the side profile uninspiring or new. Hence why they had to tint the windows on a test car to make it look “cool”.

    The writer obviously is so bias, trying hard to promote “its good looks” (subjective?) in the title, etc.

  • halo

    Is that an old Cadillac behind? Funny!

  • HyundaiSmoke

    This is an Accent, and considering Hyundai’s plans for Accent in the future this car must look like this. They were shooting an Accent Commercial when this pic was taken

    Accent is supposed to be a “Halo Car” from the bottom this go around.

    This will Debut at Beijing Auto Show in 25 days, youll see what I mean by then.

    The Only thats going to be economy car about next gen Accent is price and fuel economy. This will be a truly premium small car. Leather, Alloys, etc, and Hyundai says they can do it at close to same prices as current gen Accent.

  • dan

    …It looks good! Modern etc.

    I think people need to learn to look beyond the badge, especially with the Hyundai.

  • mygalill

    This information is from http://www.naver.com, one of popular websites in Korea.

    The 1.6 GDI engine has upgraded the power from 124hp/15.9kg.m to 140 hp/17.0kg.m. The new Elantra is equipped with 6 speed automatic transmission, expected to deliver 41 to 42 mpg which will shows 10% improvement over 2010 Elantra(37.5miles/gallon). Unit conversion is as follow:
    ( 15.8 km/ 1 liter ) x ( 1 mile / 1.6km ) x ( 3.8 liter/ 1 gallon) = 37.5 mile / gallon.
    Therefore, 10% improvement will add 3.75 mile/gallon to 37.5 mile/gallon: 3.75+37.5=41.25