Audi Releases Massive New Gallery of RS5 Photos, so Get Your Drooling Bib On

Audi Releases Massive New Gallery of RS5 Photos, so Get Your Drooling Bib On

Audi has just unleashed a massive new gallery of photos showing the new RS5 in all its stunning glory – and in several different colors. Taking the already steamy A5/S5 design to an all new level we think you’ll agree that absolutely every one of these pics is worth a look.

And soon you’ll be able to appreciate the car up close (if you’re lucky) with recent reports that the RS5 will be offered in North America. The RS5 takes every aspect of the already amazing S5 and ups the ante with a 450-hp 5.2-liter V8, 19-inch wheels, a lowered suspension and massive brakes. Combined with Audi’s S-tronic dual-clutch 7-speed transmission, quattro all-wheel drive and a 3,803 lb curb weight the RS5 can accelerate to 62 mph in 4.6 seconds. There’s also Audi’s drive-select program to control different levels of throttle response, steering, transmission gear changes, the sport differential and even the exhaust system.

Other highlights include an electronic limited slip differential, that slows the inside wheel in a turn when wheel spin is detected. Plus, an optional sport differential will be made available, distributing power between the rear wheels. The RS5 even features Audi’s new crown-gear differential, which allows for up to 70 percent of the power to be distributed to the front wheels, or as much as 85 percent to the rear wheels.