Beat Driver Audi A1 iPhone App Lets You Drive Through a Musical World

Beat Driver Audi A1 iPhone App Lets You Drive Through a Musical World

In the interest of fairness, we do think it’s incredibly difficult to market a new car. After all, how are you supposed to get attention from prospective buyers — especially when your latest city car is geared toward the youngest demographic possible?

Audi is trying to coax a few more eyeballs onto their A1 city car by releasing Beat Driver (iTunes link), an iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad game. The purpose? Steer through a fictional landscape (think F-Zero or Wipeout), drive into pulsating blocks, get powerups, and avoid the dreaded black “X” block.

As an avid iPhone users, we immediately downloaded and fired up the game — and were pleasantly surprised to find a track by Canadian band Metric (“Gold Guns Girls”) as one of the in-game songs. Torpedo, Tommy Sparks, The Music, White Lies, The Rakes, La Roux, The Fall, and Lo-F-Fnk also contribute tracks.

After a quick test drive, here’s the verdict: the music is good, but the game is awful. It’s a tired concept that doesn’t make use of any features of the iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad platform, and was clearly cranked out for some middle manager at a marketing firm to tout its success through numbers of downloads.

And despite an “international high score list,” Facebook, and Twitter integration, it comes off as a desperate attempt to pander to the “cool kids” that Audi so desperately wants in the A1.

  • EnglandNow

    Canadian band Metric, eh…too bad they are from Canada. LOL

    canadian band on an American iPod in regards to a German car. Welcome to the global world.