Breaking: Toyota to Halt Sale of Lexus GX460 Due to Safety Concerns

Breaking: Toyota to Halt Sale of Lexus GX460 Due to Safety Concerns

Toyota has announced that it will temporarily halt sales of the Lexus GX460 SUV, just hours after Consumer Reports placed the car on its “Do Not Buy” list due to safety concerns. In the latest blow to Toyota’s reputation, the Consumer Reports test showed that during emergency maneuver testing they found the GX to be at risk of a rollover. The truck’s traction control system will allow it to slide almost completely sideways before regaining control of the vehicle.

Earlier today Toyota issued a statement saying it was “concerned” with CR’s results and said it would attempt to replicate the problem. Toyota was also quick to point out that the GX460 “meets or exceeds all federal government testing requirements.”

So far, Toyota has sold roughly 5,000 2010 GX460 models since the new model went on sale. It is not yet clear if Toyota intends to issue a recall for those models.

Back in January Toyota temporarily halted the sale of eight models, including the Camry, Corolla and RAV4 while it searched to find a fix for a sticking accelerator pedal issue.

See after the jump for the Consumer Reports test video of the 2010 Lexus GX460

[Source: The Associated Press]

  • Emma

    Give Toyota a break! It has been trying very hard to replicate the problems from all those whining complaints. For example, take a look at the San Diego runaway Prius, do you believe the subjective driver with questionable past or the recorded electronic data? Even after a thorough review of electronic data from all the replication attempts, there has been not even one data that could point to Toyota’s fault. Stop reading all the press frenzy and believe in your state of the art system of Toyota!