Citroen Metropolis Looking to Rival German Luxury Sedans in China

Citroen Metropolis Looking to Rival German Luxury Sedans in China

The Chinese-luxury market segment is continue to grow at an exponential rate. Many new-age Chinese entrepreneurs are affluent and distinguished, looking towards enjoying the finer things in life, which naturally includes automobiles. Many luxury vehicle owners are working hard in penetrating the market in China. Even Porsche debuted the Panamera in Shanghai, knowing how important luxury sedans are to the affluent Chinese. Interestingly enough, French auto manufacturer Citroen is focusing on this segment and attempting to beat out the luxury German manufacturers.

The Citroen Metropolis is longer than a Mercedes-Benz S-Class and wider than a Maybach, two attributes that are actually very important to the affluent Chinese market. And much like the hype of today, the Metropolis is environmentally-friendly with an electric motor powering it at low speeds delivering zero emissions at Shanghai city speeds. For the freeway, a 2.0L V6 contributes 272-hp, and both the electric and V6 engine are able to work together to the harmonious tune of 460-hp.

Suspension-wise, the car floats and ride comfortably with Citroen’s Hydraactive suspension. This system compensates for loads and lowers at higher speeds increasing mpg and aerodynamic efficiency.

For now, the car is just a concept, but we expect to hear more about production details when the Citroen Metropolis officially debuts at the Beijing Auto Show later this month.

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