Drag Racing Honda CRX Destroyed When Flywheel Flies Loose [video]

Drag Racing Honda CRX Destroyed When Flywheel Flies Loose [video]

While Toyota owners continue to be worried about “unintended acceleration” issues associated with faulty gas pedals, owners of other makes are eagerly testing the limits of their vehicles’ intended acceleration on the quarter mile. Sometimes, however, there are unintended consequences. Take this drag-racing CRX for example and an owner who got one seriously unpleasant surprise when he planted his lead foot on the go-fast pedal.

Something tells me the first thing he did when he got home that night was go on his local or favorite Honda forum and posting WTB: scatter shield. The video of this turbocharged CRX is just something you want to sit there watching over and over. We’re mesmerized by how quickly the devastation comes and how unexpected it is. Luckily no one was hurt in the accident, but clearly this owner needs to invest in a scatter shield. Flywheels running loose can cause serious injury, and this one would have had it just gone the other way. Enjoy the video after the break and feel free to replay it over and over. We did.

GALLERY: Honda CR-X Exploded Transmission


[Source: FarmofMinds]

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  • Shit

    How fucking shit faced do you have to be to have a reaction time like the guy who didn’t explode?