Drifting Gone Wrong: Camera Man Becomes Collateral Damage

Drifting Gone Wrong: Camera Man Becomes Collateral Damage

Drifting is a dangerous sport, and not just for the drivers. Having photographed several drift events this author is well aware of the risks involved –  I’ve have even had a few close calls, on one occasion a friend of mine pulling me away right as the vehicle struck the K-rail. At another event the “track mats” shot up (while the vehicle was doing a burn out over them) flying right past my head. So needless to say, as safe as they try to make it for the photographers, there’s always a risk with cars going sideways.

During the recent SSS Gecko Cup drifting event in Warsaw, Poland a camera man became collateral damage when an Nissan S13 went flinging sideways a little too quickly. The car slammed into the safety rail (which wasn’t the concrete K-rails we’re used to) which in turn knocked into the camera man. Clearly the camera man takes a nice fall and apparently he was unconscious for a few seconds, thought it doesn’t seem so. But hey, he lives to shoot another day and that’s all that matters!

Make sure to check out the video after the break, it makes you think twice how closely you stand next to the action!

[Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner]

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  • T.I.

    They seem to be more worried about the photography equipment and the car. Poor guy!