Ford Fiesta Overtakes VW Golf as Top Seller in Europe

Ford Fiesta Overtakes VW Golf as Top Seller in Europe

With Ford just about ready to launch its new Fiesta in North America, the American automaker is celebrating the car’s success overseas where it has just surpassed the perennial top seller, the VW Golf, to become Europe’s best selling car. While Ford somewhat erroneously reported last week that it had topped VW in overall sales, these new numbers for the Fiesta come from an independent source: JATO Dynamics.

Ford sold more Fiestas in March than VW sold Golfs, bringing it into the lead in year-to-date sales as well. In March Ford moved 68,630 Fiestas – an impressive 11,785 more units than VW managed with the Golf. The sales increase for March is a staggering 25.8% jump. The year-to-date total is now 140,496 Fiestas compared to 135,048. And it’s not like VW is suffering either, with VW’s year-to-date Golf sales up 10.4 percent.

The VW vs Ford rivalry looks to be one that will continue throughout the year and we’ll be sure to keep an eye on monthly and quarterly sales totals.

[Source: JATO via Carscoop]


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