Formula 1 To Ressurect Four-Cylinder Turbo Engines

Formula 1 To Ressurect Four-Cylinder Turbo Engines

For many Formula 1 fans, the 1980’s was home to one of the greatest eras of the sport, thanks in part to the incredible performance of the small, turbocharged engines that put out 1500 horsepower. While turbochargers haven’t been used since the end of the 1988 season, rumors have surfaced that in 2013, the turbocharged four-cylinder will make a comeback in Formula 1 racing.

The engines will likely use two turbos and a direct injection system, as a means of cutting costs, fuel consumption and emissions. The twin-turbo DI setup is also similar to many production car engines, and will help continue F1’s tradition of having their technology “trickle-down” to road cars.

While the thought of the pinnacle of motorsports going to four-cylinder engines may cause some people to question the legitimacy of the sport, F1 fans know that some of the best racing of all time went down during the turbo area, and the current breed of drivers combined with a familiar formula should make for an action packed 2013 season.

[Source: World Car Fans]

  • Alistair

    Wow perhaps we could see both F1 and Indy Car with the same kind of engine.