Gordon Murray’s T25 City Car Spied In England

Gordon Murray’s T25 City Car Spied In England

Gordon Murray, the engineering genius who brought the world the McLaren F1 is hard at work on his new city car project, which was spotted undergoing testing in England.

Unlike the million-dollar F1, Murray’s new T25 city car is designed to be simple, urban transportation that will radically transform the way cars are designed and built. While Murray has been understandably secretive about his new project, bits and pieces of information have leaked out, and Murray himself is keen on showing completely disguised prototypes of the car flanked by “small cars” such as the Smart Fortwo, Fiat 500, Mini Cooper and Volkswagen Golf. The T25 is dwarfed by all of them, even the original Mini and Fiat 500.

Despite its size, Murray intends for the T25 to be a mastery of packaging, using a McLaren style “driver up front” layout with two seats positioned aft of the driver. The wheels have been pushed out to the very corners to allow for the passengers to fit comfortably, while the single door will swing out far enough to their is ample cabin access.

The T25 is also designed to have superior driving dynamics, and a footprint small enough that three T25s can be parked side-by-side in a conventional single car parking space.

Hit the link below to see the first photo of theT25:

[Source: Autocar]

GALLERY: T25 City Car Prototype

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