Herzog & de Meuron Parking Garage in Miami is Better than Valet

Herzog & de Meuron Parking Garage in Miami is Better than Valet

The last parking garage we have a vivid memory of was in Detroit. In January. You can imagine how idyllic the setting was, with rotting concrete and whirring trash presiding over a dusty view of the city’s crumbling skyline.

Things can be different, it seems. In Miami, Florida, head over to the structure at 1111 Lincoln Road, where it seems — finally — that parking isn’t an afterthought. Swiss designers Herzog & de Meuron were entrusted to create a building that presented a unique shopping, dining, residential and parking experience for Miami’s residents and visitors.

300 spaces are in artfully arranged, with shopping, restaurants — including one on the roof! — that take advantage of the incredible design and stunning views of the city that the location afforded.

If all parking structures looked like this, we’d complain less about the high fees — and maybe spend more time in the area, leaving our car to soak up the view. Click over to Dezeen to view some incredible photos of the property.

GALLERY: 1111 Lincoln Road by Herzog & de Meuron


[Source: Dezeen. Photos: Nelson Garrido]