Hot Import Nights and NOPI Combine Forces for New Tour in 2010

Hot Import Nights and NOPI Combine Forces for New Tour in 2010

In an interesting debate of whether or not two negatives make a positive, Hot Import Nights and NOPI have combined forces for a seven show tour in 2010. While it’s hard to argue that both series have had huge success in the past, business decisions by both companies as separate entities were questionable at best in 2008 and 2009.

NOPI canceled their drag, drift and show series in the middle of the season in 2008 much to the dismay of its competitors and sponsors. Hot Import Nights, riding on yet another buyout in 2009, canceled the last few shows of their season, upsetting many of the competitors that had qualified for the season finale and were relying on the season-end payout to cover their traveling expenses in 2009. Either way, the decisions made by both entities when they were ending their respective seasons were abrupt and offered no consolation to their sponsors and competitors.

But if there’s anything we know about the sport compact industry it’s how quickly people tend to forget, especially those that weren’t affected. It will be interesting to see how the joining of these two forces will work out. On paper, there is a recipe for success if the joining of these two minds are on marketing and conducting a proper show series. On the other hand, certain sponsors and competitors must be hesitant to be signing back on board. Only time will tell how successful the HIN NOPI Super Show tour is.

See after the jump for a list of tour dates:

HIN NOPI Super Show Tour Dates for 2010:

July 2-3rd, 2010 – New England Dragway, NH

July 24-25th, 2010 – E-Town Dragway, NJ

July 31st-August 1st, 2010 – Atlanta Motor Speedway, GA

August 13-14th, 2010 – Homestead Speedway, FL

August 21-22nd, 2010 – Angel Stadium, CA

TBD – Chicagoland Raceway, IL

September 17-18th, 2010 – Las Vegas Motor Speedway, NV